Cotivation tools: building a community “To-Done!” board

You know that moment when a to-do becomes to-done? That soul-satisfying second when your list becomes one item shorter? Whether it’s crossing off an item on a hand-written list, archiving a card on Trello or clicking a check-box on Evernote, knocking an item off the list feels awesome.

That satisfied feeling is great kept to yourself, but has the potential to create a ripple effect when shared with others. Think of how much more productive we become in a coworking space: when working beside others getting things done, we’re more likely to get things done too (and have some fun while we’re at it, of course). Well, sharing what it is you got done that day – no matter how big or small – can inspire others to do the same. And it might even provide some needed momentum to others feeling a bit stuck in their progress.


The members at Office Nomads introduced the “To-Done!” board to do just that. The idea is simple, and was born out of one of our first Cotivation sessions. The board sits just outside the community kitchen, which means nearly everyone in the space has a chance to see it. At the start of each day a member writes down one thing they got done that day. Inevitably it inspires someone else to do the same. By the end of the day the list is full of “to-done” items big and small. Together we’ve created a different kind of list: one that shows us all that we accomplished instead of all that is yet to be done. Now that is satisfying.