“Cotivation certainly lives up to both the “co” and “motivation” parts of the name. A month of being surrounded by smart, capable and enterprising people got me in gear with a bunch of my goals. I found the group to be inspiring, supportive, and generally bullshit-free (which is so unbelievably valuable to me anytime I’m trying to accomplish something new).”

“Being your own boss is the biggest pro and con of freelance life, which is why Cotivation is so awesome. You get to define and track your own goals in an inspirational environment that provides the encouragement of friends and the accountability of coworkers.”

“Cotivation re-connected me with a thriving community and prompted many thoughts in terms of what I could/should be doing for my business. It was refreshing to be among so many thoughtful colleagues!”

“Cotivation has made getting things done more fun. Instead of looking at a to-do list with dread, we think of celebrating victories with friends. It’s rewarding to know I’ve brought this to other people’s projects.

I’ve gotten to know many more members since I started hosting Cotivation, which has strengthened my connection to my coworking space. By identifying myself as a Cotivation host, I invite others to ask me how things are going or talk about their own work obstacles. At a traditional office where everyone is working on the same projects, this invitation for conversation is a given. In a group of independent
workers, it needs to be cultivated.

Cotivation has been well attended and is very simple to run.”