Cotivation tools: running a great work sprint

You’ve got a deadline and need one more push to complete the task at hand.

You’ve been talking about getting a project off the ground for months but have yet to put pen to paper.

You’ve reorganized your desk five different times and still the work isn’t flowing the way you want it to.

Maybe it’s time for a Work Sprint!

Work Sprint

A Work Sprint is a simple gathering designed for participants to dive into “heads-down” work together for specific periods of time. It’s in the same family as a Pomodoro, if that term is familiar to you. We’ve used Work Sprints as a tool within Cotivation groups as well as within our coworking communities at large and are always impressed. Something wonderful happens when you set aside some time and agree to focused work alongside others.

Curious to run a Work Sprint in your space? We’d love to help you out. Here are the tips we believe are key to a successful sprint:

Set a clear start and end time. One of the benefits of doing a Work Sprint is that you get a clear structure where you might otherwise not have any.

Know what you’ll be working on before you start. When all participants have their tasks lined up ahead of time you can get straight to work.

Tune into the timing that feels right for the group. Sometimes a 25-minute limit per sprint session is right; sometimes an hour or even more. Strive to be consistent but pragmatic.

Consistency is key. Try to run your Work Sprint on a regular basis, so people can learn to work it into their habitual workflow. It’s not necessary, but it can help a lot.

Have fun! Celebrate your wins, laugh off your losses, and make the experience a pleasant one. If all of you are your own bosses, then be great bosses to yourselves, together! Own and enjoy your hard-earned autonomy.